At this very moment, in these five minutes in which you are reading this text, somewhere in the world someone is being ripped off, someone else is returning a handshake across the table to physically conclude the negotiations, and again somewhere else She's just clearing the air because it was long overdue. Somewhere in this world it is always lunchtime, people gather around the table to eat together or just to be together. Feet are placed under the table and arms are rested on them when tired or motivated.

Hardly any other piece of furniture is as banal in its basic construction and yet as incredibly versatile as the table: a level that rises horizontally from the floor and is at the same time grounded by stable legs. You sit together or you decide to sit opposite each other for reasons. Whether at home or in the office, the table gives any room stability where it is needed.

With our Bridge Office Collection we create exactly this, a bridge between the cozy home and the hectic everyday office life. Designed and manufactured in our own workshops, all products are available in fresh oak, fine walnut and extravagant olive wood. If you feel like a little color in the workplace not only helps the room atmosphere, but also the creative flow of ideas, you also have the option of designing the worktop from an MDF board with a colorful rubber cover. You can choose your favorite from 20 colors, some muted and some strong.

The Bridge Executive Desk

“If a messy desk represents a messy mind, what does an empty desk say about the person who uses it,” Albert Einstein once said. This elegant office hero definitely won't stay empty, because with many different compartments, drawers and secret hiding places, it offers enough space for documents, idea blocks and creative chaos - and even the option for a minibar. The Bridge Executive desk is the boss among desks. He feels most comfortable in a large room that gives him enough space to develop in all his size and grace.

All cables can be easily hidden in the hollow table top using a cover plate. In addition, there is the option of having an electrical system from Bachmann installed, which can be individually adapted depending on the requirements of everyday work, from sockets to USB ports to stereo equipment.

Total price for construction as shown above: €17,900

The Bridge Conference table

In Japan there is a strict cultural order as to who sits where at the negotiating table. Those who are highest in rank sit furthest from the door so that they are the last to be hit by the samurai sword. A nice side effect: the most beautiful works of art hang right next to the door to put the eye in a good mood.

Because things can get heated at a conference table, you don't have to travel to Japan to observe this. With its pure elegance, the Bridge Conference Table brings some peace, harmony and stability to the conference room. Timeless, classic and yet technically modern, a design classic blends into everyday office life. The jury for the Interior Innovation Award also found this in 2013, when the Bridge Conference Table and designer Thomas Tritsch received the award. In the same year he was also nominated for the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Here too, the cables can either be hidden in the table top or you can install an electrical system like the boss. The same applies here: the table adapts to its environment and requirements.

By the way: If you want to avoid a hierarchical seating arrangement right from the start, there is also the option of the Bridge Orbit table, which - as the name perhaps suggests - is round and thus creates a completely different atmosphere in the room. From €2,700.

Total price for construction as shown above: €7,600 / L340xW120xH75cm

The Bridge sideboard

No more flying folders, stress balls and origami folding instructions: We build this elegant and simple shelf to match the desk and conference table. As a wooden block, it enhances even the coldest office atmosphere with a certain Mad Men charm for everyone to see.

Total price for construction as shown above: €5,300 / L209 / W50 / H59 cm

Here are a few more insights into how they can fit wonderfully into everyday office life:

edited by Lisa Leinen & Mary Kannegiesser

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