From May 4th, 2021, a 15 meter long photographic work by the Brazilian artist Caio Reisewitz can be admired in the middle of the city at the small market hall. At night, the work is illuminated from behind, similar to a slide. This gives the already impressive and moving motif additional drama and makes it extremely attractive to those viewing it, even in the dark.

The pandemic has taught us a few things. Among other things, forgetting. The Brazilian rainforest is burning more than ever and no one is looking. We have our own problems in our microcosm and tend to ignore the issues that are really important and that are at stake globally. The Brazilian rainforest loses an area the size of three football fields every minute. We are proud that we were able to provide the Brazilian artist Caio Reisewitz with our shop window in downtown Frankfurt to give this important message a platform.

Bolsonaro is using the distraction of the pandemic to continue deforestation of our earth's lungs with the greatest intensity - and no one is looking.

The rainforest is being cut down to provide breeding ground for global meat consumption. Fortunately, everyone is allowed to decide for themselves and has the power to help shape this path.

Panambira is Caio Reisewitz's latest and expansive experiment in the collage form. Parallel to the large format photographs of the Baroque and Modernist architecture and natural features of his native Brazil for which he is best known, Reisewitz has been exploring the medium of collage for some ten years. His initial small and intimate works, created with overlays of photographs on paper or directly in the computer with Photoshop, have dilated into large-scale panoramas. Beginning with digital images printed on adhesive backed paper, he hand cuts and pastes them directly on the wall, creating the composition in a freestyle manner.

Reisewitz is inspired by the photomontages of Hannah Hoch, among other artists of the Dada movement, where the juxtaposition of dissimilar elements creates a jarring sensation, a rupture in the picture plane. Reisewitz is deeply invested in an investigation of contemporary Brazil, the growth of the cities and their interplay with
and encroachment on the natural environment.
The jagged edges of the magnificent Panambira like the broken glass of a picture window, frame a discourse of intensely personal and political meaning.
Text by Noel Smith,
University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum, in Tampa, Florida.
We will soon be opening MORGEN&Filipelli at this location.
We won't do anything perfectly, but we aim to do things better.
MORGEN&Filipelli is THE new concept store and bistro bar that will open its doors in the Kleinmarkthalle in the near future. A place all about cuisine - culinary products for consumption on site and products related to living, lifestyle and food. The topic of sustainability plays a major role here and is implemented in the best possible way in the selection of products. The location in the small market hall offers the wonderful opportunity to purchase and serve fresh, regional and seasonal food directly from local retailers. The approach of processing these largely completely as well as the concept of nose-to-tail cattle from species-appropriate husbandry should be implemented here as far as possible. Wines are also purchased from regional winemakers.
MORGEN&Filipelli will be a place to enjoy and have fun without losing focus on the environment and a sustainable lifestyle.
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