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Aim pendant lamp

Aim pendant lamp

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The AIM pendant lamp from Flos is characterized by its flexibility, which allows it to be freely aligned, including height adjustment. This makes it ideal for a variety of lighting needs.


The exact dimensions and configuration options may vary.


The light is made of high quality turned aluminum, optical polycarbonate with photo engraving and photo engraved ABS for the reflector.

Cable length

The light is equipped with a generous 9 meter long cable.

Light bulbs

The pendant light is equipped with an integrated LED light source. To adjust the light intensity, the lamp can be controlled with a suitable "Triac for LED" dimmer.


Please note that there are different variants and configurations within the Aim pendant lights to suit your individual needs.

The price also includes the Aim model in the color black and the dimensions Ø 243 cm, H211 cm.

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