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Almendra Arch lamp

Almendra Arch lamp

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This pendant lamp offers diffuse light distribution and is available in both linear and organic arrangements. The tube structure is made of aluminum and the ends are CNC machined, with either a matt or metallized surface. The integrated edge lighting technology ensures uniform lighting. The lighting fixtures can be rotated 60º within the structure to adjust the light direction. The product is designed to ISCC standards and assembled without bonding, allowing it to be completely separated for later recycling. The integrated electronics in the ceiling rose enable the use of various dimming systems: 1-10V, DALI, Push-Dim or potentiometer.

Dimensions & cable length

Shown here: L1152mm x H180.7mm. The cable has a usable length of 3 meters.


  • Tubular structure made of high quality aluminum
  • CNC machined ends


Different variants and configurations are available. The price refers to the “Short” model.

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