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Gentry Sofa

Gentry Sofa

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Gentry - Where tradition and modernity merge harmoniously

Gentry is a design born from the search for a perfect balance between comfort and elegance. It sets clear boundaries, but also allows for small freedoms. This sofa embodies tradition, dignity and belonging and counters the often unjustified prejudice against "bourgeoisie" with subtle irony.

Gentry primarily expresses an attitude - a sensitivity and correctness that seeks a balance between discipline and freedom. The generous, independent cushions for the backrest and seat make both conventional sitting and relaxed leaning back equally comfortable. It is a tribute to "good parenting" that gives new value to behavior that is sometimes frowned upon. It's nice to stretch out, relax and read.

The structure is made of fire-retardant cold foam and polyester wadding, with a sturdy steel internal structure. The elegant, bridge-shaped steel feet are either chrome-plated or powder-coated. The seat cushions are filled with down and a polyurethane foam core, while backrest and armrest cushions and optional pillows also have down filling. The Gentry collection is removable, giving you the opportunity to maintain and style your sofa with ease.

Experience the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity with the Gentry collection and give your room timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort.

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