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HORL2 - grinding set

HORL2 - grinding set

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The HORL ® 2 is the result of the latest developments in the HORL ® roller sander family. Two sharpening angles and interchangeable grinding wheels provide even more options for sharpening knives. The press assembly and built-in ball bearings create a completely new, play-free rolling feeling. The ceramic coating on the peeling side guarantees impressive sanding results.

Diamond grinding wheel

The industrial diamonds we use are suitable for all knife steels of any hardness in order to sharpen efficiently without water. When used properly, the HORL ® Diamond Standard never needs to be replaced.

The grain size of 46 μm grinds efficiently and precisely. A high-quality sharpening result is achieved in a short time.

Ceramic honing disc

After processing with the HORL ® diamond standard, the ceramic honing wheel significantly refines the grinding result. Just a few movements are enough for this. The result is a smooth and cleanly ground knife edge.

The illustration shows the “walnut” version

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