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HOUSE DOCTOR "BUCK" - wine cooler

HOUSE DOCTOR "BUCK" - wine cooler

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The Buck champagne and wine cooler from House Doctor comes in a bucket-shaped format and is a real must-have in your home bar. When you have guests over, it's all about the right presentation and the little details. So use Buck to perfectly cool your white wine or sparkling wine and at the same time create a very individual table setting. The aluminum has been brushed and finished with a silver finish to provide a textured surface that is not too smooth and shiny. The design radiates style, character and everyday luxury at the same time. Add the finishing touches to your New Year's Eve party, dinner party, or other occasion that calls for a little everyday luxury with Buck. The perfect mix of style and personality.

Measures in cm

Ø 22.0 / H 21.0

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