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Pebble Rubble Sofa

Pebble Rubble Sofa

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Discover the fascinating Pebble-Rubble system, designed by Swedish designers Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren from Front Design for Moroso. This extraordinary system offers a sensory experience that engages your senses and changes your perception of time.

Imagine standing in front of monumental stone blocks that have been arranged by superhuman powers into megalithic-looking seating furniture. This impressive work of art is found in unexpected places such as banks, hotel lounges or library halls and breaks with urban density and conventional formal language. Only upon closer inspection do you realize the extraordinary softness of the surfaces.

The Pebble-Rubble system is a tribute to nature and was inspired by the designers during their childhood in the Swedish forest. The organic shapes were created from 3D scanned rocks they discovered on their forest walks.

The padded volumes resemble stones smoothed by wind and rain, covered with an organic layer to make their surface welcoming and comfortable. This system consists of 15 multi-part modules and 3 poufs, offering architects and design lovers the freedom to create creative and flexible compositions. From individual armchairs to sophisticated landscapes, the Pebble-Rubble system gives every room a unique, magical atmosphere.

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