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Skynest suspension lamp

Skynest suspension lamp

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This pendant lamp provides diffused light through a dome made up of a combination of reticulated, opaque and luminous elements. These elements are surrounded by thin, colored, tubular cores and covered with recycled and recyclable polyester fabric. Each light element is powered by special micro-connectors in the upper dome and is covered in a two-tone mesh. The inner side of the mesh is always white to ensure optimal light emission from the LED module.

The device has a system to adjust the correct balance in the upper part of the dome to keep it stable. The lower part of the dome is closed off by an aluminum ring that holds the entire mesh structure in place using a simple plug-in system. The product is assembled without adhesives and can be completely disassembled to allow for later recyclability and repairs.

The lamp is available in tourmaline blue, almond, anthracite or brick colors. The rosette is made of plastic and matches the color of the lamp. It also contains the electronics for various dimming systems: 0-10V / 1-10V / DALI / PUSH.

Different variants and colors possible.

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