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Gogan Sofa

Gogan Sofa

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The Gogan Collection - Natural elegance for your home

Experience the harmonious combination of nature and design with our Gogan sofa and armchair. Inspired by the gentle shapes of Japanese stones shaped by wind and water, these pieces of furniture add a unique elegance to your living space.

Gogan, named after the protective stones along river banks, is characterized by its massive yet comfortable seating. As the stones rest in perfect balance due to their incisions and positions, the Gogan sofa and armchair offers you a balanced design that plays with gravity and balance.

The soft, irregular seats invite you to linger comfortably, while the slightly inclined backrest offers maximum comfort without being too high. The connection between the backrest and seat through delicate struts conveys a feeling of lightness.

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with the Gogan collection and experience the comfort and elegance that these pieces of furniture offer.

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