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LBM Corner Table Lamp

LBM Corner Table Lamp

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Inspired by the innovative architecture of fellow Mexican Luis Barragan, Moisés Hernández designed the LBM Corner Table Lamp to reflect his fascination with monolithic geometry, color, light and shadows. Constructed from thin planes of vertical sheet steel at a 90-degree angle, the utilitarian simplicity of the shape results in visual lightness with a strong design, giving it an artistic quality that is equally appealing both when in use and switched off. The straight, folded structure can be positioned on the corner of any flat surface, using an integrated LED light with inline step dimmer to emit an ambient downlight that creates a subtle gradient effect with a unique, calming atmosphere. Featuring a sand finish powder coating in a creamy white tone, LBM's functionality and deliberately uncluttered design makes it suitable for a wide range of spaces and uses in domestic and corporate environments.

DESIGN / Luis Barragan, Moisés Hernández
SIZE / H25 x W25 x L25
COLOR / Cream white
MATERIAL / Powder coated steel
CORD / 200 cm
BULB / Integrated LED
SWITCH / Inline step dimmer
SUPPLY / 220-240V AC at 50/60Hz

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