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Markus Friedrich Staab



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A set of 60s industrial chairs that appear in new splendor in Mediterranean colors and pink highlights. The chairs were refurbished in a complex and multi-layer painting process.

Markus Friedrich Staab is an artist and designer born in Aschaffenburg in 1964 who, in 2010, specialized in transforming chairs and other furniture into extraordinary art objects.

"For me it's about giving value to something that goes unnoticed, helping an everyday object gain attention, making it something special and freeing it from its mere use. The chair that we use every day is given the honor of being a self-sufficient art object. So here I am dealing with traditional objects from history that gain even more value today if they are looked at correctly. The chair as an object and art as a commodity are the topics that concern me. The love for the things around which we live and Their uniqueness gives me hope that we have not fallen victim to pure consumption and idealization."

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Von Morgen Interiors used in: private houses and apartments, studios

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