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Parastou Forouhar



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The mass of eyes creates a need for self-assertion, the feeling of understanding oneself not only as a subject who perceives an image, but also as an object that is perceived, and in turn including the view of oneself in the interpretation of the work.
From this two-dimensional pattern of eyes - the ornament of seeing and being seen - figures emerge through sensitively calligraphed outlines: hands, feet and heads, in gestures and postures that suggest pain and suffering. All figures cover their eyes with their hands. They are not allowed to see anything, neither the horrors to which they are exposed nor the viewers who, having discovered them, interpret their own perceptions - of themselves as well as of the characters. Their robes are also covered with eyes, with lost glances into the indeterminate space of the white cube of the exhibition space. (Werner Meyer)


Parastou Forouhar is an Iranian artist and activist. As a conceptual artist, Parastou Forouhar uses all media, from drawing to photography to computer-animated image sequences, to explore her themes, such as the situation of women in society - especially in Muslim societies - or torture as a systematic, image-filling "ornament". reflect and illustrate.

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Digital drawing, digital print on blue rack paper


Since the wallpaper is not printed on classic non-woven fabric, we recommend that it be installed by a specialist provided by MORGEN. The costs for assembly are not included in the price.

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